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The Presbytery of Boise
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May 15, 2015


The mission of the Presbytery of Boise is to assist, support, equip and challenge congregations to be disciples, and to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Four Goal Statements



Presbytery Staffing Consultation Highlights


2015 Presbytery Calendar

June 27   All Presbytery Work Day Homedale First Map
July 27
7 pm
Coord. Committee Boise First  
August 15
9 am
Presbytery Boise First Map
October 19
7 pm
Coord Committee Boise First  
Nov. 7
9 am
Presbytery Ontario, Bethany Map

*Presbyterian Women's Calendar is on the PW page.



Voting Tallies


Live Life Boldly

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Synod of the Pacific Investment Rates

Has your church considered taking advantage of this program?

Presbytery Blogs


Presbytery of Boise Called Meeting

May 2, 2015



Minutes of the most recent meetings

may be obtained from Ruth Hicks

(208) 429-6937


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